About Ariella & Friends

About the book

Would you rather trade a precious friendship for the prettiest things you’ve ever seen?

Ariella and her talking drumTito, are getting ready for the spectacular Eko dance competition. Jealous princess Adeteni tries to convince Ariella to hand over Tito, in exchange for some prettiest things Ariella has ever seen. Will Ariella succumb and trade in her best friend Tito?

This beautifully illustrated book celebrates African culture in its setting and characterisation, woven through with African sounds. Readers will learn a valuable lesson on contentment. This book will also make a wonderful addition in any home or class library.

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About the author

Hello, I’m Stephanie Coker Aderinokun.

I’m an award winning British-Nigerian TV Presenter, Wife and Mother to a little foodie that loves to dance to a good beat. I have always loved story-telling. In primary school I would write stories about imaginary friends back home in Africa as I hardly found stories I could relate to at my local library. The lack of representation of children of color in children’s books inspired me to add to the small collection that now exists.

I was really compelled to write a story that showed the importance of being content and as well as the importance of giving room to let other people shine. We are in a world that has increasingly made people feel like we need what others have and often feel like what we have to offer isn’t enough. I think this is an important lesson that should be learnt at a young age; to be happy for others, to shine and be content with what we have.